IGCSE/AS/A Level Results 2018

Cambridge International Examination




IGCSE Results June 2018

94.45% of our IGCSE results were A* to C grades. 78. 58% were A*, A and B grades. 78 students sat their IGCSEs.

Most students sat 8/9 IGCSEs.

First Language English: 98%  A* to C grades. 71.42%  A*, A and B grades.

Co-ordinated Sciences: 99%  A* to C grades; 95% A*, A  and B grades; 62% A* and   A     grades.

Mathematics : 85.72%  A* to C grades.

We would like to especially congratulate the following students:

Alina Simonenko: 4 A*, 4A, 2B (10 subjects)

Ignacio Bueno Ponce Ignacio: 4 A*, 4 A, 1 B.

Ji Wu Fu Hong: 4 A*, 4A, 1B.

Ashleen Danielle Daly: 5 A*, 1 A, 2B.

Chen Zhuoya: 3 A*, 4 A, 1B.

Omid Kouhifaeghdehkordi: 4 A*, 3 A, 2 B.

Navid Kouhifaeghdehkordi: 3 A*, 3 A, 3B.

Onuk Isaac Kaan: 5 A*, 2 A, 1B.

Marina del Carmen Marmolejo: 2A*, 5 A, 1B.

Marco Tadeo Baruzzo: 2 A*, 5 A, 2B.

Aurora Barrionuevo Aragón: 4 A*, 2 A, 3 B.

Daniel Estrada Sardaña: 7 A, 1B.

Nuria Romero Carrillo: 1 A*, 5 A, 3 B.

Santiago Fernández Mercado: 4 A*, 1 A, 4 B.

Jesús Alberro Mesas: 2 A*, 4 A, 3 B.

Joseph Comley: 2 A*, 3 A, 3 B.

Armando Teixeira Naranjo: 2 A*, 3 A, 3B.

Pablo Malpartida Lorenzo: 4 A, 5B.


AS/A Level Results June 2018

83 % of our students passed all their subjects. 88 students sat their AS/A Level Examinations.

Most students sat 4 AS/A Levels.

Mathematics : 100% pass rate. 30% achieved an A* or an A grade.

Chemistry: 99 % pass rate.  48% achieved an A*, an A or a B grade.

Physics: 96 % pass rate. 40% achieved an A* or an A grade.

Biology: 89% pass rate. 43 % achieved an A*, or an A grade.

Literature in English:  100% pass rate. 50% achieved an A*, an A or a B grade.


We would like to especially congratulate the following students:

Jasper Kettell: Mathematics A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Information Technology A, Spanish language A*. (5 A Levels)

Laura Elina Uronen: Mathematics A*, Chemistry A, Physics A,  French A*

Daniel Lennart Sinervo: Biology A, Chemistry A, Physics A, Geography A.

Caroline Westergaard Nicolaisen: Mathematics A, Biology A, Chemistry A.

Chimira Natanna Obiefule: Mathematics A, English language A, Literature in English A.

David Pino Hidalgo: Physics A, Chemistry A, Mathematics B, Information technology B,

Spanish language A.

Maria Eva Mellor: Mathematics A, French B, Spanish language A*, Spanish literature A.

Emilia Slocka: Business Studies A, Information technology A, English language B,    Psychology B.

Jamie William Maher Lander:Business Studies A, Information technology A, English language B, History B.

María Vázquez Estrada: History A, Travel and tourism A, Drama & theatre studies B.

Oliver Watson: Business studies A, Physical education A, Drama & theatre studies B.

Libby Langton: English language A, Business studies B, Literature in English B, History B.



The school is really proud of you. You are an example for all our students to follow.


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