IGCSE/AS/A Level Results 2022

Cambridge International Examination



IGCSE Results June 2022

93% of our IGCSE results were A* to C grades. 76% were A*, A and B grades. 56 students sat their IGCSEs.

Most students sat 9 IGCSEs.

First language English:100% A* to C grades. 99% A* A and B grades. 62% A* and A grades

Co-ordinated Sciences: 99% A*, A and B grades. 90% A* and A grades.

Mathematics: 81% A* to C grades. 59% A*, A and B grades.

Literature in English: 100% A*, A and B grades. 97% A* and A grades.

History: 100% A* to C grades. 72% A*, A and B grades.

Geography: 83% A*, A and B grades.

French: 99% A*, A and B grades.


We would like to especially congratulate the following students:

Julio Giménez Citoler: 10 A* (10 subjects).

Esther García Garrido: 8*, 1A.

Francisco Barrionuevo Aragón8A*, 1A.

Zi Yao Chou: 6A*, 3A.

Varvara Tsivareva: 6A*, 2A, 1B.

Hugo Villar Poblaciones: 3A*, 5A.

Nora Jade Knight Ruiz: 4A*, 3A, 2B.

Sofía de la Coba Bernier: 4A*, 3A, 1B.

Michela Portesan: 4A*, 2A, 2B.

Adrianna Christina MCardle: 2A*, 3A, 4B.

Carla de Lorenzo Coca: 2A*, 3A, 4B.

Víctor Navas Ramos: 1A*, 4A, 3B.

Matt Martin Miller: 1A*, 3A, 4B.

Kevin Bao Ji: 2A*, 2A, 4B.

Gajate Aspuru Alejandra: 5A, 4B.

Polina Alekseeva:1A*, 5A, 1B.

Silvia Jane Daly: 4A, 4B.


AS/A Level Results June 2022

97% of our students passed all their subjects. 68 students sat their AS/A Level Examinations.

Most students sat 4 AS/A Levels and some sat 5.

English language: 99% pass rate. 63% A and B grades.

Mathematics: 100% pass rate. 58% A* and A grades. 75% A*, A and B grades..

Chemistry: 100 % pass rate. 71% A*, A and B grades.

Physics: 100 % pass rate. 76 % A*and A grades.

Biology: 100% pass rate. 60% A and B grades.

History: 100% pass rate. 100% A and B grades.


We would like to especially congratulate the following students:

Nan Chen Wei: Mathematics A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A, Spanish A*. (5 subjects).

Cortés Porras Arturo: Mathematics A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Spanish A.

Ben Huang: Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A, Mathematics A.

Manuel Barrios Moreno: Mathematics A, Physics A, Information Technology A, Spanish A.

Iván Escobar Pleite: Mathematics A, Physics A, Information Technology A, Spanish A.

Isabel Naranjo: Mathematics A, Chemistry A, Biology A, Spanish A.

Marco Ramírez Medina: Mathematics A, Physics A, Chemistry A, Biology A. Rodrigo

Sánchez Prieto:Mathematics A, Physics A, Information Technology A, Spanish A.

Artem Tomashko: Mathematics A, Chemistry A, Information Technology A, Business Studies A, Psychology B (5 subjects).

Kai Thomas Wall: Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Mathematics A.

Matías Alonso Muzzillo: Chemistry A*, Mathematics A, Spanish A, Biology B.

María Martínez Leal: Spanish A*, Mathematics A, Chemistry A, Biology B.

Ubaldo Bartolomé Caridad: Mathematics A, Physics A, Spanish A, Business  Studies B.

Bernardett Zita Gerendas: English Language A, Geography A, History A, Business Studies B.

Noemí Bergillos Gómez: Mathematics A, Business Studies A, Spanish A.

Carla Roxanne Porteret: French A*, Business Studies A, English Language B, Information Technology B.

Mia Elina Sagripanti: Business Studies A*, Spanish A, Travel & Tourism B, French B.

Angelina Dmytrivna Ramos Bondar: Chemistry A, Spanish A, Mathematics B, Biology B, Geography B (5 subjects).

Mateo Nicolás Haack Vicente: Business Studies A, Spanish A, Mathematics B, Physics B, Travel & Tourism B (5subjects).

Savannah Emily Lamin: Mathematics A, History A, English Language B, Biology B.

Lujain Essa Aljuaidan: English language A, History A, Geography B, Travel & Tourism B.

Amaia Bacale Oballe: Business Studies A, Spanish A, Global Perspectives & Research B, Travel & Tourism B.


The school is really proud of you. You are an example for all our students to follow.


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