Programa fiesta fin de curso 2014 – 2015

Summer Concert 2015

10:30 (Times are approximate) (Las horas son aproximadas)

Year 2G&R         Poem                    “La Ola”

Year 2G               Poem                     It´s Important to be Happy

                               Songs                    “Count on Me” & “Happy”

Year 2R               Poem                     I can be a Friend

                               Songs                    You’ve Got a Friend” & “Don´t You Worry About a thing”

Kindergarten      Songs                    “ Incy Wincy Spider” & I’m a Caterpillar ”


Primary Drama Group                Monologues and short pieces

Nursery R           Poem                  Colours up in the Rainbow

                                Songs                    “I Love You” & “Colours Make me Happy”

Nursery G            Poem                     Little Smile

                                Songs                    “Best Friends” & “Mr Sun“

Reception G        Poem                     Little Pirates

                                Songs                     “The More we get Together” & “Pirate Friends Song”

Reception R         Poem                     I am Learning

                               Songs                    “L.O.V.E” & “Reach”


The British College Choir joined by the Guitar Group – “A selection of songs”

Year 1G              Poem                    With a Friend

                               Songs                    What the World Needs Now & “I´m a believer ”

Year 1R                Poem                     Poem for a Friend

                              Songs                    “Close to You” & “I Wanna Hold your Hand”

Years 3G&R       Poem                    “La escuela del mar”

Year 3G               Poem                     The Cake of Friendship

                               Songs                    “Say a Little Prayer” & “How do you Like Your Eggs in the Morning”

Year 3R                Poem                    Friendships Come and Go

                              Songs                    “You’re My Best Friend” & “True Friend”


Years 4G&R       Poem                    “Naranjo de verano”

Year 4G               Poems                   What makes a Friend?

                              Songs                    “One Friend” & “We go Together”

Year 4R               Poem                    Tug of War

                              Songs                   “Friends will be Friends” & “I’ll be there for You”

Years 5R&G       Poem                   “¡Disfrutemos de Verano!”

Year 5G               Poem                     Friends Forever

                              Recorders            “Lean on Me ”

                              Songs                    “Lean on Me” & “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Year 5R                Poem                    The Crayon Box that Talks.

                               Recorders           “World in Union   ”

                               Songs                   “With a Little Help from my Friends” & “Friends for Life”

Years 6G&R       Poem                   “El tren de verano ”

Year 6R                Poem                    The Friend that Just Stands

                              Recorders           “Ain’t no Sunshine”

                              Songs                    “Lovely Day” & “We’re all in this Together”

Year 6G               Poem                    A Best Friend

                               Recorders           “ Feeling Groovy ”

                               Songs                    “Feeling Groovy” & “Walking on Sunshine”


Summer Concert 2015

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