The British College is very proud to be an ambassador centre of Save the Children, the world’s leading independent organisation for deprived children that we have been supporting for many years now.

On Friday 6th November, we held our usual race “Kilometres of Solidarity” in which all our pupils from Nursery up to year 13 took part. It was absolutely wonderful to see the sixth form students helping the younger ones, all together, all part of the same team, all giving their best, in order to help other children, those who suffer, who live in poverty, those who do not have anything but who have the right to have a better life, a dignified life with their families, the same as us, privileged people who have everything.

Conveying to our children and teenagers such an important value as solidarity is something essential for their integral education, as important as their academic education, because in the end, what we all need to be in life is good, generous people; without that, real success is not possible.

We raised  2772 €  that we will donate to “Save the Children”.

All the children taking part in the race must feel so proud of their effort. Congratulations, well done!

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